nonlinear is a label started by myself, Todd Anderson-Kunert. It is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Unashamedly, it's beginning was to formalize a place for my own self funded releases/projects to be sold from. This is still the case, and any nonlinear release under my name is still self funded independently of the label.

Where possible, I release the work of others too. These releases are funded when time/resources permit, however any sales fund future nonlinear release by other artists. The form of these releases vary, and will continue to do so. There is a hope that over time, this side of the label will become self sustaining, and hopefully grow to encourage different forms of projects.

The other area of nonlinear is to organize events that celebrate experimental sound/experimental art/experimental practices. There is no fixed location for these events, and I'm always open to new spaces/locations.

The webstore has grown to allow for some distribution too, and is currently stocking select releases by Cantakerous Records. I believe this will also grow over time, and I'm open to being contacted by other labels.

Should you have a question, you should definitely ask it. Click on the 'Contact' section above.

In terms of performances, I welcome expressions from any artist anywhere. Events are usually programmed based on eclectic variety, so it can be a matter of waiting until I have a suitable slot for you.

As for releases, I'm open to expressions of interest too. Keep in mind that there are already projects happening, and I can't say yes to everything due to budget constraints. nonlinear has a focus on releases as a type of art object, so sending me copious amounts of audio files is not a good idea. I want to know what your releases sound and look like.  Send me a (small) link, it's a nicer way to start a conversation. Also note that a 'no' from me is not a reflection on the quality of your work.